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The way to #DO it

I am so proud of the student physicians who volunteered in NYITCOM Riland Free Clinic this week!

We were privileged to be joined by a patient who recently received telehealth care from After countless visits, she was finally provided with a diagnosis and life altering treatment plan.

She was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to interact with the future doctors and happily agreed to take part in our online clinic as a "patient"

The students learned how important it is to listen, to acknowledge, and to validate a woman whose life path was studded with traumatic events They demonstrated deep and genuine empathy and respect as they were trusted with raw truth and private details. They learned to collaborate and to ask targeted questions in an complex case.

Future doctors, patient L wants you to know that she was touched by your kindness, thoroughness, desire to help her, and by the emotions that were undeniably expressed.

You represented NYITCOM , osteopathic medicine and me so incredibly well. That's the way to #DO it.

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