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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)  Civil Surgeon

Immigration (Green Card) Physical Examinations I693

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You will have two visits with the Civil Surgeon

The first visit : VIRTUAL

  • Provide copies of medical records or vaccination documentation prior to this meeting.

  • Information may be sent through postal service, email, or text.

  • After the conclusion of this meeting, the physician will explain which blood and urine tests are required and will discuss your individualized vaccination requirements

  • Every effort will be made to assist you in obtaining immunizations at low or no cost.

The second visit: IN PERSON (Staten Island location)

  • Must be conducted in person

  • Will only be arranged after all required testing has been completed and results are available

  • You MUST bring ALL original reports including proof of vaccination 


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Our listed price includes:

  • Both the online and in person visit

  • Detailed medical record review

  • Thorough assessment of your medical history

  • Analysis of immunization records & requirements

  • Ordering and evaluation of required blood work, urine tests, and imaging

  • Comprehensive physical examination 

  • Completion of one I-693 form

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Our fee does not include the cost of :

  • Blood testing for syphilis and tuberculosis

  • Urine test for gonorrhea

  • Vaccinations  and immunity titers if required

  • Chest X-Ray if indicated

The completed form I-693 will be placed in a sealed envelope, and provided to you for submission to the USCIS.

The final examination must take place in person. USCIS examinations will take place at Dr. Malhotra's Staten Island, New York location.

United States law prohibits to use of health insurance to cover any part of the Civil Surgeon services.

Image by Samuel Schneider
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