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Department of Transportation (DOT)

Commercial Driver's License

Medical Examinations

NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Medical Certifications

Medical form with stethoscope
The visit will include but is not limited to:
  • Complete medical history

  • Results of physical examination

  • Hearing test

  • Vision screen for (acuity and color)

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • Urinalysis (for kidney function/ not a drug screen) 

  • Drug and alcohol screening is USUALLY NOT performed at the time of examination.

  • Such testing is USUALLY performed directly by the employer if needed.

Doctor's Office
Bring these to your visit: 
  • a list of your medications

  • a complete medical history

  • eyeglasses or contact lenses if worn

  • a current CDL license if applicable

  • photo identification 

All DOT / FMCSA / NRCME medical exams and all NYC TLC medical examinations will be conducted on site, in Dr. Rita Malhotra’s Staten Island, New York location.

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