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Kiddies and COVID-19

With schools reopening in some states, parents are concerned about the well-being of their children. In the weeks prior to the start of school, teach your little ones a few tips and tricks on staying healthy and safe throughout the school year.

1. Try to engrave the distance of six feet in their minds; whether it be through cut out figured standing six feet apart, or simple measurements using a yardstick. Be creative, add a bit of friendly competition if you have more than one child.

2. Implement a rule of thumb to always sanitize before meals, after meals, and when coming into contact with doorknobs (those doorknobs carry a ton of “yucky” stuff).

3. Teach your child proper mask etiquette. Mask should be fitted around the nose and properly catered to each individual child (there is no one-size fits all for children).

4. Now more than ever, it is super important to teach your child to sneeze into their elbow, hands are a definite no-no.

5. While sharing is always caring, teach your children to refrain from sharing writing utensils, snacks, masks and hand sanitizer. There will be many years post COVID-19 to share snacks-

the good ones that is.

Reward your children for their efforts. This is a challenging time, but health and safety come first and foremost.

Best wishes from the team at

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