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Meet Dr. George Kuczabski

Dr. George Kuczabski, a highly skilled general and trauma surgeon, has been providing exceptional care to his patients for more than 20 years.

As an attending at several renowned university institutions, including Level 1 trauma centers, he has performed countless elective procedures, and live saving operations on critically injured individuals.

A decorated military surgeon, he served communities in need and also treated the acutely wounded with respect and precision.

He educates medical students and surgical residents to become compassionate, technically superior providers. 
His services include a wide spectrum of classical and laparoscopic procedures, both performed in modern operative facilities. 

Surgery takes place in a private office setting, top notch ambulatory facility, or a university hospital in-patient operating suite.

He can communicate with patients fluently in English, Polish and Russian.

Realizing how important communication with a patient is, he can be reached at any time by text, phone, or e-mail.

Initial consults can often be performed via telemedicine or on site.

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